Made To Measure Suits & Jackets

Construction is key when it comes to making you a great suit. At Andrea Kosta we are here to guide you through this journey from start to finish. We create a pattern for you from our house block taking intricate measurements insuring a fit that complements you and your frame. Below listed are the different construction options available.

A completely unconstructed (no canvasing) option, great for a summer jacket or lightweight summer suit.

Half canvas incorporates a horsehair canvas chest piece sewn into the front of the jacket, giving a more structured fit that is perfect for a suit to be worn year-round.

Full canvas option adds a canvas not just to the chest but all the way through the front of the jacket, giving a lot more weight and structure to the garment. This construction is particularly recommended for suits that will be worn through the colder months.

A full canvas handmade suit and jacket offering, our most intricate of makings. All the above include handwork to finish the garments off but with our handmade garments all the jacket is finished by hand, from pockets, buttonholes, sleeves, and lining.

Half Canvas & Unconstructed

Full Canvas

Handmade Full Canvas

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