Choosing the perfect wedding suit – Part 2

Tips on styles & fabrics for the perfect wedding suit

Following on from our last post here’s a few more tips and ideas focusing on styles and fabrics you can use in preparation for your big day and for your groomsmen.

men's white tie wedding suit

White Tie

The most formal dress code of all, white tie requires a morning coat with a white shirt, waistcoat, tie or bow tie and formal footwear like Oxford or Derby shoes.

We have an extensive selection of suitable cloths from our house bunches such as fine worsteds and elegant twills, or choose from Loro Piana or Dougdale Bros. and Co.

men's morning wedding suit
men's black tie suit shirt

Black Tie

Usually implying an evening event but ultimately formal, a neutral option and of course sharp. The tuxedo is standard attire when it comes to black tie. Traditionally combined with a white shirt, black bow tie and black patent leather Oxford shoes.

In summer and warmer destinations a white dinner jacket with black tuxedo trousers is also common.

Blends of wool and mohair are a favourite for special occasions. Featuring a subtle two-tone effect and slight sheen in a range of refined shades in blue, burgundy, green and of course black.

men's black tie suit accessories
men's black tie optional suit

Black Tie - Optional or Formal

This is usually the same as black tie, with the option of branching out from the traditional tuxedo into other colours and formal suits.

This season we have an extensive selection of cloths in wonderful colours and in various weights from Huddersfield Fine worsteds and Loro Piana. Choose S130, S150 or even S170 for something truly special. The use of Bamboo is becoming more prevalent in tailoring, you can craft a timeless look in black navy or off white with these 100% basket-weaves.

Made from eco- friendly fibres of the bamboo plant, the fibres wear like a cool linen cloth, feel soft like cashmere, and boast a silk like drape. Wear with a white shirt and tie.

wedding suit black tie fabric options
semi-formal wedding suit fabrics


Offering the most flexibility in terms of comfort and value as it can be used again and again. Semi-formal can include a classic suit and tie or even a shirt and trousers, as long as the overall look does not read as casual.

Choose lighter colours and fabrics in summer, especially for daytime weddings. Our own house cloths offer the perfect solution.

Select from luxurious S130 fancy weaves that offer optimal airflow, lustrous S100 wools with a silky feel, effortlessly elegant and crease resistant S130 doppios or Solaro tropicals loved for their slight shine and subtle structure.

men's semi-formal suit
men's wedding suit


Tropical or destination weddings are usually warm affairs. Stick to suits in breathable fabrics like cotton or linen in lighter colours worn with a light shirt and a pair of loafers. If the temperatures are extremely high, you can ditch the jacket entirely.

Our selection of fabrics are made from a luxurious blend of wool, silk and linen with a touch of added stretch for comfort.

Available in various natural hues of beige green and blue, perfect for tropical or destination weddings. Some of our favourite light weight bunches to choose from is Caccioppoli from Italy.

men's semi-formal wedding suit

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